Redevelopment of website about international law

When Dr. Katharine Fortin, editor of Armed Groups & International Law came to me asking if I could give the WordPress-based website a makeover, I was immediately excited.

The website had had the same look since 2015 (or maybe longer), so it was high time for a fresh new design. It was important not only to make sure the website works well on different devices and screen sizes, but also to implement a number of functional upgrades. For example, it is now possible to add multiple authors to an article and the entry of new authors has been streamlined. In addition, I moved the website to a different web host, which resulted in cost savings.

For the design, several variants were explored, with the final winner being a design based on a red color that harkens back to the original website and thus provides brand recognition. Headers are typeset in Adelle Sans-a modern, neutral—but not boring!—font. Longer texts are in Georgia, which loads quickly.

The front page has been given a thorough overhaul, making it more organized and attractive to new readers. There is now a subdivision of topics, with posts clearly grouped together. There is a highlighted post displayed larger with an image (which is optional). I also created a page where all the different authors are neatly displayed.

Check out the website at: