At DAVLstudio we are currently developing the CoolHouse, located in the harbor of Scheveningen. I helped design the building, 3D-models and developed and designed the website.

The CoolHouse will be built on the place of the former Koelhuis in Scheveningen, next to the Rokerij (smokery). Thanks to this location, it’s possible to create a ‘third facade’, perpendicular to the harbor. This makes for a fantastic view, creates space for large outdoor spaces, and lots of direct sunlight into the apartments.

For market research phase I developed and designed a website. We use it to showcase the different elements of the project and to give people an opportunity to ask a question and sign up for an apartment or house.

The website is built with Kirby and is hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS, which I set up myself. Thanks to a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, the website is also available through SSL. The website is, of course, entirely responsive, in part thanks to the fact that all the images are responsive as well: pictures are available in several resolutions and aspect ratios (a technique which I’ve also used in several places in this portfolio). There are also several SVG-elements which automatically scale up and down without loss of quality.

In order to show how the building fits in its context, I made a schematic drawing of the entire Dr. Lelykade in Scheveningen. By clicking and dragging your mouse or finger you can see the drawing in its entirety. This is another technique that I have also used on the CoolHouse website.

drawing of the Dr. Lelykade

Aside from this website, a Facebook page, and a banner on the Koelhuis itself, we have not done any advertising, but thanks to good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), potential buyers have been able to find us in large numbers.

There is also a newsletter, which I designed and is sent to all those who are interested.

For more information on the CoolHouse, check out the website itself: