The Hartford Guidelines on Speech Crimes in International Criminal Law

Typesetting a book is something I’ve always wanted to do. So when I got the opportunity to do so, I immediately went to work.

The book is called The Hartford Guidelines on Speech Crimes in International Criminal Law. It is a comprehensive survey of individual criminal responsibility for harmful speech acts under international criminal law. The objective of the Hartford Guidelines is to inform legal actors and policymakers when they are confronted with hate speech and inciting speech in the context of crimes against humanity, or when prominent figures publicly and directly incites genocide.

The book is written in English, but features many names with special characters, such as diacritics. Therefore it was important that the typeface be complete for different languages. I chose to use Freight Text Pro for the main text and Freight Sans Pro for numbers and chapter indications. The chapter titles are set in the beautiful Freight Big Pro.

The book is 240 mm by 170 mm. I developed a custom baseline grid system for the page size, similar to the technique I describe in this post.

In addition to typesetting the book, I also took photos and gathered photographic material from third parties, helped secure an ISBN number, and assisted the client during the printing process.

The next step was building a simple website, where a PDF of the book can be downloaded for free.

All in all, a very rewarding assignment which hopefully will not be the last time I typeset a book!

The website for the Guidelines book