Marike de Jong is a versatile personal trainer and physical therapist. She also does personal training, sports lessons, diet advice, and life coaching. I designed a brand identity for her, as well as a website and print material.

Marike wanted a catchy and modern appearance for her brand, befitting her modern, scientific approach. Together, we chose the name (and address)—which incorporates all her different activities and her personal approach. I designed a logo with a clean-looking sans-serif, without any bells or whistles, because she doesn’t need any.

The base for the print material and website is black and white, but emphasis on Marike’s versatility is created by bright color accents in the icons signifying her many fields of expertise. Lastly, I added the slogan “Let’s get physical”, a catchy call to action for her future customers!


Luckily, Marike had several really good photos, so I put them front and center on the website and the folders and business cards. Together with the animation on the website it creates an inviting home page.