Isn’t all design really about User eXperience? In the case of urban design, it happens at a very large scale. In the case of websites and apps, the scale is much smaller, and there are different considerations and constraints.

So I think a lot about UX design. When I see a website, I always wonder why it looks that way, and I try to imagine how various choices were made. To showcase my take on UX design, I devised a few fictional applications and made designs for them. Note that these apps don’t exist.

The first is called ‘Expat News’ and is a news app on Android for people who live abroad. The idea originally came from this article. The main purpose of the interface (UI) is to make it easy and fast for people to go from having just downloaded the app, to seeing the relevant news. (Also called onboarding.) Click the phone screen and browse left and right to see more of the app.

The second is a bitcoin wallet for OS X, named ‘BitWallet’. This application offers different kinds of ‘wallets’ for different users, and is mostly meant for those who have heard of bitcoin, but aren’t familiar with the technical details. Here, too, the goal of the onboarding process is to make it easy and quick. This was also a learning project for me, that I used to learn Sketch. Click the laptop and browse left and right to see more of the app.