Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice

In 2015 I started development on a new website for Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, an NGO that advocates for equal rights in international justice and an effective, inclusive, and independent Interionanal Criminal Court (ICC). I still maintain the website, updating it as required and adding more functionality. Getting the chance to work for an organization that does such important work was a great opportunity, which I seized with both hands!

Women’s Initiatives has roots dating back to 1998, but since 2004 they’re based in The Hague under their current name, due to the creation of the ICC.

Since their existing website was terribly outdated, I designed and developed a new one. The new website runs on WordPress. This is great progress relative to the old website, since now they are able to keep it up to date themselves, which was not possible previously(!).

I also wrote a WordPress guide, to aid in the upkeep of the new website. The Women’s Initiatives staff uses it as a reference.

The new website has an attractive home page with the latest news and a short explanation of what Women’s Initiatives is and does. This is displayed attractively thanks to the engaging visual material. The different publications by Women’s Initiatives are also displayed visually and the new website is, of course, fully responsive.